Law Office of David E. Kelley

David wanted to upgrade his outdated template-y looking website. I made him an elegant design that focuses on his ties to Fort Worth and his professional accomplishments.

He also wanted to focus on Fort Worth-related family law and employment law keywords on Google. His website ranks well for just about every Fort Worth + family law keyword term. Here are some examples (his URL is in search results):

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The mission of Modern Lawyer is to establish and maintain a professional and effective online presence for its clients. The company was formed in 2010 when its founder and owner got gray hairs from practicing law. Modern Lawyer's strengths are customer service and delivering results to clients. Its weaknesses are focusing too much on its strengths. Just kidding.

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My name is Rik. I'm an attorney living in Fort Worth, Texas. While I am licensed, I don't practice law a whole lot anymore. I realized I was much better at helping attorneys and law firms with website design and SEO. My background in IT, a rarity in the legal world, allows me to do most of the web work myself. My straight gig is teaching U.S. and Texas government at Tarrant County College.

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